SpeedHawk Digital Engine Tuning
Speedhawk Diesel Tuning

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Costs Now From £350


  • Our diesel tuning boxes are of the highest quality, manufactured in Germany by a company with 20 years of tuning and motorsport experience.

  • They are fully digital and pre-programmed to best suit your vehicle.
  • accurate, reliable and safe than others on the market
    The 9 preset tuning maps are more

  • (especially much cheaper ones!).

  • The only one to come with an on/off remote control which allows you to switch it on or off whilst driving if needed (possibly to cut power output in icy or bad weather conditions, or when lending the car to your 17 year old son!)

  • They come with a 5 year warranty so if the tuning box has a component failure, we will replace it for you.

  • If you change your car to another modern diesel with the same type of injection system (e.g. Common rail) then you can transfer our tuning box to it. You may need a reprogram and change of harness at a nominal cost.